About Onyo Marketing

Onyo is a content marketing consultancy helping law and advisory firms create content that works as a business development engine. Crafting content with precision and purpose, so that it closely aligns with your market and services. This allows content to become an extension of your firm, attracting readers, building trust, and onboarding prospective clients automatically.

The tactics we apply also help firms use content as a driver for alternative services. The content assets we create with our clients allow new income streams by integrating content with online e-commerce tools, interactive intake forms, and other means of automation. Since good content can attract interest across borders at scale, it opens up new opportunity for service design. Onyo can help your firm escape traditional services and pricing models, leapfrogging you into the future of law.

We believe that content is more than a marketing tool. We teach firms to use content a strategic pillar of their business model, helping to enable:

  • alternative legal services
  • digital products
  • new sources of income

The content strategies we design integrate with your workflow, are sustainable, and leverage your internal expertise without unrealistically burdening your fee earners.

True to our philosophy of leading with content, we offer an expanding range of free guides, resources and regular webinars.

About Yoni Balkind

Yoni started as a commercial lawyer, but early in his career felt a calling to help shape and modernise the profession.

Entering law at the time that the information age was gaining momentum, Yoni saw a number of forces driving change in the legal profession and he sought to help law firms be more strategic about their online presence and modernise their service offering.

This lead him, In 2010, to found the online law portal, GoLegal, which has since grown into a leading legal information hub attracting over 100k unique readers per month. It has also been a testing ground for legal content marketing and lead generation tactics, and has validated many of the principles which Onyo Marketing now advocates.

After exiting GoLegal, Yoni spent 5 years at LexisNexis heading up their practical law division, which allowed him to learn the process of crafting and publishing legal content that serves readers and and builds credibility for the authors.

Working closely with law firms for years, Yoni has come to believe that marketing, content, and the business of law in general, are closely interlinked, and that the most successful firms of tomorrow are those who align these concepts.

Onyo arose from a desire to see law firms become more successful, fluid, and customer centric, to modernise the business of law so as to make it is more enjoyable for partners and staff, and to help law firms adapt to information age.

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