What We Do


We serve law firms and other professional services firms of all sizes who want to get better results from their content marketing (or want to try content marketing for the first time). 

The content strategies that we design are integrated with your work flow, are sustainable, and leverage your internal expertise without unrealistically burdening your fee earners.

Our workshops and seminars help firms to foster a content-first mindset and win buy-in among fee earners and other key stakeholders of the firm.

These workshops unlock your internal capabilities, helping to create new skills processes within your firm. In addition, we also offer consulting interventions to help your firm create content and develop new services and pricing models. As such, we help you to strike a balance between internal and external execution.

Our Offerings

Law Firm Benchmark

This service is a good starting point for any firm. We benchmark your firm’s current efforts in various areas broadly related to content production and business development . This includes an assessment of your content marketing, your website structure and digital presence, and also looks at your service offerings to determine areas that are suitable for fixed-fee offerings and and productisation.

The benchmark exercise will provide insight into the following areas:

  • We explore what your website needs to make it more effective from a content, lead generation and SEO perspective.
  • We identify content areas and topics that are most suited for your firm to publish based on your services, areas of expertise, and target market.
  • We review any existing content that you have published to determine its suitability for optimisation, repurposing.
  • We review your existing mailing list and customer communication workflows and we identify areas of improvement in this regard.
  • We assess your historical flow of new clients, the source thereof, how these clients are onboarded, and then we suggest content based intervention by which these dimensions can be improved upon to increase the flow of new clients.
  • We identify potential avenues for productised and fixed-fee services together with content strategies to support such services.

The information required for the law firm benchmarking exercise is gathered by way of written questionnaires and in-person interviews with key stakeholders in the firm, as well as by evaluating your web platform/s, marketing material, content and other such information as may be relevant.

The price for this service depends on the law firm’s size, existing content portfolio and range of services. It typically starts in the region of $3,000 for a small firm and $12,000 for a large firm. Streamlined version available for 1-2 person firms on a budget.

The audit is delivered by way of a written report as well as a verbal presentation/workshop.

Once a firm has been properly benchmarked and evaluated we offer a selection of services to implement various types of interventions and strategies.

Content Strategy Ignite

A half-day workshop for your firm’s fee earners and key operational staff. Its purpose is to educate and get everyone aligned and rallied around content strategies. The workshops are highly interactive and the tactics and actions that arise from it are co-created by the participants. The workshop focus is on the firm’s services, clients, and market. We will facilitate new ways of thinking about content production and alternative service provisions. For larger firms this works well when broken up per practice area. The workshops are customised per firm and include a pre-consultation and follow-ups.

Starting at $3,500 per workshop. Streamlined version available for 1-2 person firms on a budget.

Content Authoring and Editing

Ongoing Authoring 

Assisting with the practical implementation of content strategy. Typically on a retainer basis whereby we supply editorial and ghostwriting support together with guidance in terms of strategy, training and content distribution.

This is a retainer-based service, and its price depends on scale. Starting at $2,500 p/m. Streamlined version available for 1-2 person firms on a budget.

Content Campaign

We also offer a short term content campaign consisting of 3-6 articles.
Read more about this service.

Development of Digital Presence and Alternative Legal Services

Helping to create the right digital presence and exploring ways to increase sign-ups to your newsletters/alerts, leads and online sales. We also assist with the creation of digital products, such as policy templates, information guides and ways to monetise these. This typically results in a website strategy document with actionable design and user flow recommendations.

This is a fixed term and fixed fee service starting at $3K depending on scope, size of firm and number of services.

Consulting and Coaching

We offer ad hoc and individualised consulting for cases that do not fit into a specific pre-existing service. This provides support for stakeholders within the firm who are driving content marketing, digital strategy, alternative services and internal culture as it pertains to the above. 

In a larger firm the types of stakeholder who could benefit from this support include practice directors, head of marketing (or marketing communication), head of operations, or other roles who oversee the creation of alternative services and the like. In a smaller firm this service is usually suited to the practice directors.

Typically we would have an initial hourly consultation and then agree on a fixed-fee arrangement. However, hourly options are available at $300 p/h.

Additional Information

Who We Service

We serve law firms and other professional services firms who want to get better results from their content marketing (or want to try content marketing for the first time). 

We work with firms of all sizes and specialities, provided that they offer professional, expert services like law or management consulting.

Suitable clients are those who are forward-thinking in their approach to marketing and are interested in introducing alternative marketing processes and service models within their firm.

Where and how we work 

We operate remotely and globally, and only in English.

Yoni Balkind is the firm director and lead consultant. He is based in South Africa and is typically able to find overlap hours with any timezone.

Consulting services are offered by Yoni personally, whilst workshops and seminars are delivered through trusted facilitators.

Content production services utilise specialised legal editors in our global network.

Yoni is closely involved in all processes and is always the main point of contact.

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