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Expertly crafted articles to generate leads for your firm

Our content campaign service is for firms who want to try a better approach to content marketing without committing to an ongoing retainer. 

We work with you to create 5 legal articles designed to maximise lead generation. 

This service is for firms who want to kick-start their content marketing efforts, or for firms who have tried content marketing and blogging, but with limited results.

Onyo Marketing are specialists in content marketing for law and advisory firms, and our efforts are focused directly on building a long-term lead generation engine through content.


  • Content crafted to target your potential clients - We work closely with you to understand your target audience so that we can create content precisely for them. Chasing random page views is pointless. We target the readers who are seeking the type of expertise that you offer.  
  • Content that showcases your services and expertise - It is easy to get page views by writing about something topical. But if the content does not relate to your services, then it is not helping your cause. We create content that specifically conveys your expertise in order to increase the likelihood of an inquiry. 
  • Evergreen content - PR firms might get you published in the news, but your content will disappear as the news cycle shifts. Our content is designed to be useful and relevant for years, so that it provides a long term lead generation asset.

How it works

Choosing what to write about

  • We hold a short virtual workshop with 1-3 of your attorneys in which we explore possible topics to cover. This will be based on your services and case history.
  • We focus on ideas that are appropriately niche and specialised and well suited for your clients
  • This will yield an initial list of 30 or so content ideas
  • We prioritise this list and choose topics to write about. 
  • You can keep the list as a future resource.  
  • Our team will produce the draft articles in conjunction with feedback from your attorneys. Our turnaround time is typically one week per article. So if we produce 5 articles, they will be delivered weekly over a 5-week period after the attorney workshop is held. 
  • We assist with the publishing of the articles and include a follow-up service to track the articles and optimise as needed to maximise their reach and effectiveness. 

Writing the article

Onyo assigns professional legal editors to researcher and author your articles. We work closely with your attorneys to understand the legal position and to create practical guides on a given topic. The guides that we produce will have longevity and practical use for your readers, while showcasing your expertise and building your credibility. 

The articles are structured for readability and pitched at an appropriate level for the target audience.

The authoring process is adaptable depending on how hands-on the attorneys wish to be. 



We help determine where best to publish in order to maximise the reach of the article. This will depend on how well your website accommodates content, its structure and SEO performance.

We help ensure that article is presented in a way that maximises lead generation. This means that the author’s contact details are available, and that there are links from the article to the relevant service.


  • Our authoring process includes SEO research on each topic to maximise how the content performs in search.
  • Great care is taken to cross-link each article to and from relevant services, author pages and other pages as suitable. This aids SEO and generally support improved traffic and user experience for readers. 
  • All articles will have appropriate heading and html tags as well as meta descriptions
  • Keywords placement based on keyword research
  • Well-chosen article titles will aid search ranking and article open rates. 

Follow up

Our service includes 2 month follow-up service to ensure articles are performing. We track readership, and carry out various optimisation such as updating cross-links, tweaking the headline to maximise click-through rate, and building up content as needed. We also assist with content repurposing (creating summarised and alternative version of content for posting on social media and elsewhere).

How is this different from using a public relations agent or a normal marketing agency

PR firms specialise in getting your content into news publications by writing on topics that are currently in the news. This approach is effective for getting short term publicity. However, this attention is highly variable in terms of winning over new clients. The content may not do much to publicise your actual services. And the publicity is short-lived. 

We focus on long-term (evergreen) content, that can produce leads for years, and that is closely aligned with your expertise and designed to appeal precisely to the audience that need your service. 

Another difference with Onyo Marketing is that we specialise in expert, practice guidance content. Typical PR and generalist marketing agencies may lack the expertise to create specialised content of this nature. 

Why not just create your own content in house? 

It is important that your internal experts are close to the content creation process. However, lawyers and expert advisors are not always proficient in content marketing tactics and tend to choose topics that appeal more to their colleagues than to potential clients. 

Working with us will help naturally help your internal professionals learn principles of legal content marketing and will increase your internal capacity going forward. 

Pricing and Getting Started

5 articles:  1000$

Up to 3 additional articles: 180$ each

Contact us should you require a larger engagement. 

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